Since the inception of the $martOhio program: 

• Approximately 135,240 students received vital economic and financial education.
• In total, 1,274 educators were trained throughout Ohio over the course of three academic years.
• A total of 88 workshops were held throughout Ohio by the UC Economics Center and its partners.
• Educators from 400 schools, representing 184 school districts, throughout Ohio participated
(please see the appendix for a complete listing of schools and districts).
• Among participating schools, approximately 50 percent of students were from low and moderate income families on average.
• $martOhio was recognized as a national winner of a Lighting the Way Award, presented by SunTrust Bank.
• $martOhio’s curriculum, $martPath, received an Award of Excellence from the National Association of Economic Education and was awarded an Excellence In Financial Literacy Award by the Institute for Financial Literacy.

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2020 Ohio Report